Best Trading Strategy For Intraday & Positional Traders

Trends exist everywhere, and stocks are no different – they trend up and they trend down. To rigorously manage risk, Algoprofits only alerts you when there is a proven change in a trend’s direction.

Profit More & Risk Less with Bull & Bear Predictor

The direction of a trend has the greatest impact on your trades. Algoprofits gives you the leverage of a proven trend-timing system. You will no longer miss a critical change in direction!

  • Big gains are always made in big moves
  • Minimize your losses and let your winners run
  • Higher reward-to-risk ratio
Key points to consider about Buy/Sell signals:
  • Precise Timing: Our trading Strategy ensures that you receive timely alerts, enabling you to capitalize on lucrative market opportunities.
  • Pattern Recognition: By monitoring and analyzing chart patterns, our software identifies patterns that often precede significant price movements.
  • Risk Management: Buy signals provide valuable insights that can help you manage risks more effectively and make calculated investment choices.
  • Technical Analysis: By analyzing price patterns, trends, and indicators, our software detects signals that indicate a potential decline in an investment’s value.
Our Plans

Keeping Client demands in mind we provide affordable Algo Profits Software packages.One can choose amongst three as per his / her demands. The software cost is one time payment with yearly  free updates. The only recurring expense is real time data charge for Indian Stock Markets should be paid monthly.

The Best Technical Analysis Software.

Algoprofits gives highly accurate Automatic Buy, Sell Target & Stop Loss Trading Signals on Trading-view & Amibroker-AFL for Equity, Commodity, Crypto and Options to Trade intraday, Swing & Positional trading.


₹ 50,000

₹ 15,000

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