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    Signal Generation Guidelines
    • Trend
    •  Short to long-term Momentum
    •  Fundamental Valuation
    • Company specific / Sector specific Events
    Portfolio Management Guidelines
    •  Diversification
    • Position Management
    • System based Execution

    Fortune favours the smart, not the bold Managing your risk

    Markets are Volatile, Not Risky Volatility refers to the ups and downs in the value over time due to dozens of factor. There has been several crashes and downturn movements in stock market, buy every time you see the charts and how prices have moved you will eventually see a up trend always You need to take your eyes of short term movements and focus on return like 5 to 10 years. Any thing less than that is not the right measure to judge (especially equity) And when we couple periodic investing with broad diversification, rebalancing, low costs and tax saving, the probability of long-run investment success is even further enhanced.

    It all sounds very sophisticated, because it is. -But for you, it’s effortless.

    Our investment strategies may be sophisticated, but our philosophy is simple.

    Technology can do some things better than people. We use software to better execute time-tested investment strategies.

    Keep all your investments automated

    Have you ever realised that depending on your self all the time for making investments manually is not the best thing for your financial life. As far as possible, you should let your investments happen automatically. Be it SIP or a Recurring deposit, some mechanism should be in place. If you think you will manually do the investments on a given date, there is a great chance that you will do one of the following things
    • FORGET

    Automation is a corner stone of a greater financial life.

    Investments Returns and Factors
    •  One of the biggest reason people do not get rich is because they focus on too short-term needs and never give importance for long term wealth creation
    •  Either plan for short term goals seperately or try to avoid it.
    • So once you plan for long term goals , START investing. always try to avoid redemption from that else your goal health will be impacted.
    • Don’t change your financial goals regularly
    • Don’t check your portfolio regularly or weekly
    • The more you look at the portfolio, the more stress and excitement you will have about the ups and downs and you will be tempted to “do something” and this is a big issue!
    • The winners in the investment game are those who stay the course and put new money in regularly, no matter how uncertain the outlook might be.
    • You will be building up your investment portfolio slowly over time with the monthly or yearly savings, you will be taking advantage of smart rupee cost averaging which not only reduces acquisition cost but also an inbuilt feature to time the entries.
    • Contribute a little every day through quant sip this will ensure your investment kitty increases to a sizable amount at the end of every quarter.

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